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Keeping Clean Organically
by Shannily


Being organic goes beyond eating organic. I used to not think organic cosmetic products were necessary, but after careful research of the harmful chemical ingredients found in many of my past favorite products, I realize that it was time to change up my routine. Additionally, something that is important to keep in mind is that our skin is the biggest organ on our body and it holds together our bodies, so we definitely should not discount the importance of skin. If you look up “skin absorption” there are many articles that discuss how the skin absorbs substances into our bodies. (Even Wikipedia knows for you lazy people out there). With that in mind, I believe its time to rethink applying unnatural chemicals onto your skin as it is going to be absorbed right in!┬áToday’s post focuses on my bare minimum cleanse essentials for keeping my body clean and fresh organically.


[Yerba Prima Skin Brush]
Available at your local Whole Foods or online at Yerba Prima

I didn’t discover the skin brush dry bath method until recently, however since starting to use it, I could find my problematic skin on my body getting better and better. I am someone who suffers from extremely dry and sensitive skin. I get scratches and cuts randomly and allergens constantly cause me to get hives and rashes. This brush has soften my skin, and hopefully if I use it consistently for longer, it will help my skin heal and become healthier.

You use this brush before you take a shower as a way to exfoliate and stimulate your skin. Using this naturally made from agave fibers brush helps not only to clear away dry unneeded skin, but it also helps to improve your lymphatic system, which in turn will improve your immune system. After brushing my entire skin, I like to hop into the shower and give my body another cleanse. Some people find the brush to be a little abrasive, but personally I think its perfect and feels amazing on my skin. When I can’t shower right after using my Yerba Prima Skin Brush I make sure to lather on some nice organic oils or lotion! (Another post featuring my favorite organic moisturizers to come).


[Clearwater Cultures Organic Medicinal Milk Soap]
Available on Vital Organisms

I am pretty sure if you can read this blog post, how to use soap is not something I need to explain. The important thing is finding a soap that is truly organic. If you were to use a soap that holds preservatives and genetically modified ingredients, what you’re basically doing is removing the bacteria from your skin than lathering on a layer of carcinogenic ingredients onto your bare exposed skin. I don’t care how good that soap smells if you know that this is the result, it is pure stupidity to use a product like that. So make the change and find a soap that is pure and organic like the one featured above. Plus! This soap smells pretty amazing anyways so I don’t see what there is to stop you from saying goodbye to those icky soaps we’ve been tricked into buying in the past.


[Valentina’s Home-Brewed Natural Body Mist in Psychic Detox]
Available at your local Whole Foods or at Valentina’s Home-Brewed

So this is not something that everyone will consider an essential product, but for me it is a must have in my routine. This product helps me cleanse my body, mind, and soul of negative energies with its organic combination of citruses, peppermint, and neroli. As suggested, this is something to use after a shower, when you wake up, and before you go to bed. By using this mist full of vital essential oils, I could really feel myself relaxed and lifted. Plus it just smells amazing!


[The Honest Company Organic Healing Balm]
Available at your local Target, Whole Foods, and at The Honest Company

As I said earlier, there will be a post focusing on lotions and moisturizers, but I thought this was a key product to mention. Although I have mixed feelings about The Honest Company, I do like this specific product quite a lot. It is USDA Organic Certified and it has done wonders for my irritated skin spots. For any parts of my skin that the Yerba Prima Skin Brush is not able to immediately remove, I like to follow up with this healing balm. It really does work and the formula isn’t to sticky and greasy as many other ones are.

(There is another healing cream that I would highly recommend actually. It is from Clearwater Cultures like the featured soap, and it is their Organic Probiotic Herbal Healing Cream which I mentioned in my Current Favorites video on Art Beauty and Culture’s Youtube Channel. That one is amazing for all sorts of healing including skin irritations, itchy skin, soreness, burns, and more! You can purchase their healing cream from Vital Organisms.)


[Nourish Organic Fresh & Dry Deodorant Stick]
Available on Amazon or at Nourish Organic

This is a fairly new addition to my routine, so I can’t vouch for it 100% but I wanted to still feature it in this blog post because I wanted to show that necessities are truly readily available in organic forms now a days! An organic deodorant was one of the toughest products to find for a really long time, but I finally found one recently and so there is now no excuses to using one that has disgusting chemicals in it.

Since I now live a majority of my time in Taiwan where the weather is humid and hot during the summer, having a deodorant that is anti-pesperiant and oder preventing is pretty crucial for me. I always lived in Southern California prior to this, so I’m not used to sweating so much. I picked the Pure Unscented scent, but you could definitely pick out a fun scent as Nourish Organics has a ton of different deodorant sticks for you to choose from.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. I hope that this post shows you just how easy and awesome it is to convert to an organic lifestyle. I hope that you guys will make the change because a true happy life requires a true healthy body and you cannot be healthy if you’re not using truly biotic ingredients.


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