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Jungle Party | Taipei, Taiwan
By Shannily


Hidden in the hills of XinYi District, Taipei there is a spot where people gather to let loose and have fun with friends and strangers a like. Attendees bring anything they can offer as their admission ticket. From picnic blankets to delicious snacks, from booze to braiding services, from tie dye to face painting. Everyone contributes and everyone has a blast.

For me, as an American born and raised millennial that recently moved to Taipei, I was more than excited to find out that a party like this existed. I feel like in every country, “parties” have a bad reputation, but from what I could see, everyone was just letting loose and enjoying themselves. People were dancing, laughing, eating, smoking, drinking, and just being themselves.

One thing that was really interesting about this party was the demographic was split down the middle between Asians and non-Asians, everyone spoke either English or Mandarin, and everyone didn’t care what our colors were on the outside and was just eager to make new friends and have a great time. I loved that.


On this night, when you first walk in to the party, they offered tea and tranquility. I loved this set up done by a friend of mine because I felt like it instantly gave off great vibes. The lanterns and tea lights gave the space a warm feeling and the tea was delicious.


One of the activities that they set up was this art installation where you climbed into the center and watched these face mask spin around you. The UV light hanging above changes the colors of the painted masks and give off a trippy vibe. It was definitely pretty bad ass and one of those you have to experience it to really understand it type of entertaining moments, but I did try to capture some footage so be sure to check out my video!


I ran into a group of multi-cultural partiers and one of the guys were giving out free neon UV chalk body art and I had to get one on my ankle right away! This is just one example of how attendees were contributing to the Jungle Party.


One thing that did happen during the night that I got footage of, as you’ll see in my video below, was that the police came and raided the party. Everyone sort of freaked out and I noticed a lot of people hid, they shut off the music and started asking questions. In the end, however, because the party was peaceful, on private property, and free of charge, they left without doing anything and allowed us to continue to party. I guess that’s the miracle of life, when people are genuinely doing something for pure pleasure rather than profit, we are truly able to do anything we want.

Thanks for taking the time to hear about this event I got to attend! I want to take a quick second just to thank my friends for inviting me as the party is invitation only. I had such a great time.

 See below for the footage captured by Shannily on Art Beauty and Culture’s YouTube. 

VLOG – Jungle Party Taipei, Taiwan


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