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Top 5 Creative Apps
By Shannily


I have been using the iPhone line as my cell phone for around four years now, and have been an Apple product user for much longer. With a creative background, naturally, I love playing around with any new apps that will make building social media content beautiful and more importantly, easier. These five applications are the ones that I currently use and highly recommend for anyone who wants to be able to be creative on-the-go straight from their iPhones.

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1. Aviary by Adobe
As someone who uses Adobe Creative Suite programs, naturally I wanted to try out their mobile app as soon as I heard about it. Not only did it surpass my expectations but became my go-to photo editing app and has been for quite some time now. Since I use Photoshop on the computer for photo editing, I found that this mobile app was able to make all the photo adjustments I would need for fine tuning purposes. Although this app wouldn’t be able to replace Photoshop, as it is definitely more capable than just photo editing, Aviary is good enough for anything I would really need to do to fix up photos I’ve taken on my iPhone.

Favorite Functions: 
[Adjust Tool] The adjust tool has basically the same functions as the Adjustment menu under the Image tab in Adobe Photoshop. It allows you to adjust brightness, exposure, contrast, warmth, saturation, vibrance, highlights, shadows, tint, and fade.

TIP: When using the Adjust Tool in Aviary, if you want to double up the amount of adjustment, simply click “done” in the upper right corner, and than re-open the adjust tool and adjust again to your hearts desire! (You cannot do this without saving and re-opening the photo in Instagram’s photo editor, therefore I enjoy using Aviary first before uploading to apps like Instagram).

[Blur Tool] Pretty self explanatory, but I think its incredibly handy to have an app that allows you to blur out portions of your photo. Sometimes I have an awesome photo I want to share on social media but perhaps some private informations such as my home address needs to be blurred out for privacy and safety reasons.

TIP: When using the Blur Tool in Aviary, I suggest enlarging the photo by expanding two fingers and focusing the screen on the part you want to blur before clicking the blur app. This will make it easier to blur the necessary area without accidentally blaring important parts of the photo.


2. Foodie by Naver Line
Although I often poke fun at the ridiculousness, I, like a large portion of my generation love taking pictures of my food before I eat it. The biggest issue I have found when it comes to taking pictures of food when I am at a restaurant is sometimes the lighting makes it difficult to capture the food appealingly. Additionally, when I have to edit the food picture after taking it, I get hungry. So finding this app really made an awesome difference in my life! When I’m just taking pictures to show my friends on Facebook this app comes with pre-programmed food perfect filters, so my pictures look great and I don’t even have to edit them! Sometimes, I even take selfies with this app as I feel like it makes me look better too :P!

Favorite Filters:
[Sweet 2] This filter has a hint of pink tones to it, it really does make cute desserts like macarons look delicious and pretty! Reminds me of Marie Antoinette.

[Romantic 2] This one is my favorite to use on myself… for my own selfies 😛 I guess I truly am a romantic at heart?

[Yummy 2] I really didn’t plan to like all the #2 filters, but this one is definitely my go-to filter when using the Foodie app!


3. Retype by Suimong Ltd
I have always been a fan of typography but never a fan of creating typography myself as it takes a lot of thinking and is quite a time consuming task in my point of view. What I do love is presenting inspirational words beautifully, therefore finding out about this app changed my life! Someone pre-programmed a ton of different fonts in different layouts for us to use! It is amazing and I use it all the time now to express my thoughts, share quotes I love, and creating inspirational content for my Instagram account. It comes with pretty pictures you could use, but I like to use my own images.

Favorite Fonts:
[The Queen] I mean, the name itself makes it pretty self explanatory why I love this font! It makes anything you want to say feel a little more royal!

[Loose Brushwork] This one is adorable! I love it so much because it really does seem like someone hand-brushed it, minus the fact that like all fonts, every letter is perfectly the same!

TIP: Click each font selection and the app rearranges the composition! Keep clicking until your satisfied with the way the content matches your background image.


4. iMovie by Apple
This app is the only app on this list that costs money, but it had come for free on my iPhone 6s Plus! I love it because it makes making video blogging on-the-go so easy and it is easy to save, share, or even transfer to my computer for more editing. I was able to make first Vlogmas series on YouTube because of this app’s easy to use capabilities.

TIP: If you don’t need to save the clips, opening the iMovie app and recording directly into your project saves time and puts every video in the order you record it, which is way faster than having to stick each one in.


5. Layout by Instagram
I used to use an app called Frametastic and swear by it for making collaged images from my phone, but the second Instagram released their Layout app, I deleted that app immediately because it only came with a few free layouts and the rest you had to buy! Layout on the other hand is free and it creates different layouts accordingly to the size and amount of pictures you select. Additionally it is easy to move around the arrangement which beats having to go back and reselect.

TIP: You can resize each section by pulling up or down on the edge of each image within the collage to further customize your layout.


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