What Is AB&C?

Searching for happiness is something I feel that Ihave always been doing my entire life. I cannot say that I have found it, but what I can say is that I have learned to never give up looking to find it.

What I have found is that knowing what I am interested in and always attempting to find new inspirations helps me get by each day. This blog is dedicated to sharing my fascinations with the world and also a way to encourage myself to continue being creative and expressive.

I currently live in Taipei, Taiwan but was born and raised in Southern California, USA. This means I am a hybrid of two different heritages and cultures, and also means I am bilingual. To me there are three very important elements to life; I bet you guessed it:


Art represents the creative capabilities of our kind to create works that can be appreciated for their beauty or evoke emotions out of us.

Beauty represents that which we desire and need to maintain in order to reach a standard of aesthetic senses that we are satisfied with.

Culture makes up the ideas, customs, social behaviors, or even rituals and celebrations that we participate in as a member of society, or on an even larger scale: the world.

Thee together + sense of humor and fashion style creates ART BEAUTY and CULTURE.

The Different Worlds of ART BEAUTY and CULTURE

YouTube | Curated Videos + Video Blogs

Making YouTube videos for ART BEAUTY and CULTURE’s Channel is a huge part of why I created a web blog at all. It has been a fun challenge posting videos there, and I love it! It not only challenges me to express myself through my words and facial expressions, nor does it only challenge me to be creative and imaginative in making or editing content, but it challenges me the most to overcome a lot of my own insecurities.

I attempt to be as uncensored and original as possible. This means sometimes you’ll see me with NO make-up on or even more embarrassing, you’ll see me emotional, whether its anger or tears. I find that all these are parts of the real me and I aim to be as real as I can be online.

Shannily | My Fashion Style / Haus of The Chill Chic Series

Shannily is another business name I use. The reason I separate the fashion and style aspect of my blogs away from ART BEAUTY and CULTURE is because I believe that everyone is unique in their senses of fashion, and I want to share what I do and what I like, NOT telling people what to do or what to like. Therefore I felt that with a name that is more personalized, it would be more about my own fashion expression and personality. I also will incorporate a lot of my lifestyle choices, my hobbies, and my interests that make up who I am right now.

Under the category of Shannily is The Chill Chic Series which you will find the trailer for on ART BEAUTY and CULTURE’s YouTube Channel. The Chill Chic series is created for AB&C but under Shannily because it is fashion focused. I created this “genre” of fashion style to give my style a name! It is basically incorporating what it takes to be “stylish” with ways to still enjoy being lazy! (Basically the story of my life to be honest).

Mindful Pages | Stationary & Craft Heaven

A very new addition to the ART BEAUTY and CULTURE land is Mindful Pages a world where stationary, craft, and art supplies rule. Literally since forever, I have been obsessed with the beautiful world of stationary, and was inspired to create an account that just focuses on this.

One of my best friends is also going to start documenting her stationary and craft love/obsession/lifestyle and so we discussed starting this fun project simultaneously, so when her page is up I will definitely link here information here so you guys can check her out too!

About Me

I would describe myself as a girl who strives to be elegant and sophisticated but often gets distracted by my own personal sass. I am both extroverted and introverted, but I have no control over when which personality shows through. Growing up I always struggled to find my identity because of my mixed culture, but now I feel that being both American and Chinese (Taiwanese) has shaped me to be my own individual self. I am very passionate about beautiful existence, I find mythical ideologies and the spiritual world intriguing, and I love having fun whether it is just having a nice conversation, traveling the world, or partying it up.

Despite all this positivity though, I am someone who suffers from depression and anxiety. I know that I have a lot to be grateful for, but depression and anxiety are not choices and they are not something that sufferers can control. Half the time when I feel blue, I myself am not sure why I have these dark thoughts and feelings. What I do know though is that whenever I am able to see light and reach a hopeful state of mind where I am glad to be alive and want to continue to live, I know to be thankful, for the desire to live is truly a form of bliss. Having depression and anxiety is not something I would wish on anyone nor is it something I want, but I do appreciate that it has taught me to be passionate and enjoy every moment I have. It has also given me the power of empathy and I love that.

I studied Visual Communications for college at FIDM, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California where I obtained an Associates of Art degree. Since I was 17, I have worked numerous different jobs, from a fabric assistant at a product development corporation to a sales associate at high end luxury boutiques, from a concert event coordinator to a bartender, and now at 23, I am starting 2017 with a job at a major Taiwanese fashion label company to help develop a new brand and design visuals, coordinate styled outfits, and create seasonal visual merchandising themes for the new brand once it launches. Through all these experiences I have made great friends and learned important life lessons that I will carry with me always.

-Photography (FILM + Digital)
-Reading Fitzgerald or Austen or Rowling
-Watching Movies (& re-watching movies)
-Playing with my Dog: Vinny (@VINNIPOO)
-Chatting Online/Talking on the Phone